Bihar Laghu Udyog Yojna | ₹2 lakh | Apply Start from 5 February 2024 Skip to main content

Bihar Laghu Udyog Yojna | ₹2 lakh | Apply Start from 5 February 2024

The inauguration of the Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme, led by Chief Minister, is scheduled for 5.2.24 at 11:30 AM. The application portal for the fiscal year 2023-24 will be open from 5.2.24 to 20.2.24. Under this scheme, youth in the age group of 18-50 from economically disadvantaged families in the state can apply to start their small businesses. The application process involves a caste-based census to select eligible candidates.

Bihar Laghu Udyog Yojna | ₹2 lakh | Apply Start from 5 February 2024

The primary objective of this initiative is to provide self-employment opportunities to the youth of economically weaker families. Young individuals aged 18-50 will have the opportunity to apply under this scheme, with a thorough verification of their socio-economic status through the caste-based census. The scheme aims to grant each eligible family a sum of 2 lakh rupees in three installments, supporting the youth in initiating their small enterprises. This not only creates employment opportunities but also enhances their self-reliance.

Starting a small business can be a catalyst for economic growth, and the majority of the youth are enthusiastic about venturing into entrepreneurship. Through this scheme, the government aims to provide the necessary support, strengthening the economic condition of the state. The online portal has been established to simplify the application process, enabling youth to easily apply and benefit from this scheme. This step contributes to increasing employment opportunities and bolstering the state's economy.

The launch of this scheme is a significant event, instilling confidence in the public that the government is committed to their welfare and empowerment. The scheme has the potential to steer the state towards new and positive directions, fostering self-reliance among the youth and contributing to overall economic development.