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WhatsApp Is Going To Make Some Important Changes

WhatsApp is going to include these browsing and image search options in its beta version. 

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is now going to add these browsing and image search option in its beta version, currently, this update is under investigation.

WhatsApp new updates has released
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Why is WhatsApp making changes to its beta version?

WhatsApp, the largest online messaging app, is including options like in-browsing and image search in its beta version so that when users click on a link, they can get in-browser results because in the current version of WhatsApp when someone clicks on the link. So if there is no browsing in Whatsapp, it gets redirected to the default browser of the system.

Now, friends, it must be going on in your mind that whether Whatsapp is not collecting information about our browsing history?

So, friends, I would like to tell all of you that when the user clicks on the link received in the message, it gets redirected to the default browser of the system, according to the current WhatsApp version.

When you browse in an app browser, no app has its browsing history

Because it resides inside the API (Android Application Programming Interface). Now you must have understood that WhatsApp cannot see your browsing history information even if you want.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has faced a lot of criticism due to the spread of rumors, so WhatsApp is doing its best to deal with this problem and perhaps this step can also be a part of that.

So, friends, we are all eagerly waiting for this new update of WhatsApp. You are requested to use your messenger properly, only share happiness and not rumors.

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