Snapseed: World's Best Photo Editing Mobile App

Snapseed comes at number one in the world's best photo editing mobile app.

But do you know the story behind it. After all, who developed this app. What is such a specialty of this app. Because of which it occupies the top position in the mobile photography editing app in the whole world.

If you do not know anything about Snapseed, then let us know its story from the beginning.

Snapseed was designed by a company called Nick Software. Nick Software is a software developer company and has its head office in San Diego, California.

If you are wondering why I am telling about this except for the story of Snapseed, then I tell you that this company is the biggest hand behind making Snapseed better.

According to Wikipedia, Nick Software Company started in 1995. Software developers named Nils Kokemohr laid the foundation of this company. There were 120 employees working in this company. And the CEO of this company was Michael J Slater. In a few years the company designed such photography software with the help of its team which was very amazing. Whose filter was so beautiful that people used to go crazy, after seeing the photo. During its tenure, the company developed software called Niels Effects and Nails Types Effects, which was created in Photoshop. Nick Software Company aimed to improve digital photography and graphics design.

Seeing the popularty of the app, on September 2012, Google bought the company at undisclosed amount. Prior to the purchase, Nick Software had the Android and iOS versions of Snapseed in addition to the PC version that also had Snapseed available, which after the company was discontinued, they sold the PC versions to Microsoft and MacOS. Snapseed now has only the mobile version.

Before buying Google's Snapseed, users had to make a round of $ 500 to use the features of the Nick Software Kaya app, but after that when Google bought the Snapseed, the price of those features was reduced to $ 150 by Google. Then on March 24, 2016, Google announced the use of its features for free for users.

Snapseed: World's Best Mobile Photo Editing App
Image Credit: Snapseed

What is Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing app that is made only for the mobile version. It has all kinds of pro features add, which outperforms other pro photo editing apps.

Many popular photographers use this app to edit their photos. Snapseed has more than one filter. There are 28 tools that can help you make your photo very beautiful. If you want to share photos, Snapseed has a direct share to social media option. Has given Which you can use easily.

Through this app you can also change the pixel and size of your photo. And the biggest special thing is that no ads come in between editing. Often when we install a photo editor app in our phone and edit any photo, sometimes due to ads, we also have to face losses. it happens .

As I have already said, Google has purchased this app with Pro features. Google's aim is to provide better features to the users for free. So that users do not use any other service. Therefore Google has not monetized this app. So somewhere it is a good thing for all of us who are getting to use such good features for free. There are many such tools with which we can give beautiful look to our photos.

What can everyone do with the help of Snapseed

Snapseed tools are very easy to use. But still, if you want to know the basic to do photo editing in this app, then there is also a photo editing tutorial in this app. You can learn photo editing on Snapseed by watching it too.

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Let's talk about the features of snapseed


With the help of Snapseed, you can use 11 different readymade filters in a photo.

  1. Portrait filter
  2. Smooth filter
  3. Pop filter
  4. Accentuate filter
  5. Morning filter
  6. Faded Glow filter
  7. Bright filter
  8. Fine art filter
  9. Push filter
  10. The structure filter
  11. Silhouette filter


Apart from the filters in Snapseed, it has tools that can help you give different appearance to your images. Tools name is given below. With the help of these tools,  you can edit your photo better.

  1. Tune image - With the help of Tune image, you can manually and auto customize the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, warmth of your photo.
  2. Cruves
  3. white balance
  4. Details
  5. Crop
  6. Rotate
  7. Expand
  8. Prospect
  9. Selective
  10. Brush
  11. Healing
  12. Hd-scape
  13. Glamor glow
  14. Tonal contrast
  15. Drama
  16. Vintage
  17. Grainy film
  18. Retrolux
  19. Grunge
  20. Black and white
  21. Noir
  22. Portrait
  23. Head pose
  24. Lens blur
  25. Vignette
  26. Double exposure
  27. Text
  28. Frames

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After the photo is edited, if you want to save that photo in the phone or send it to social media, then for that you have to go to the option of export, in the option of export, you will see four different options which are given below. What is the work of each option is given. Get to know: -

  1. Share - As soon as you click on the share option. All the social media apps are installed on your phone, you will see all the apps. You can share the image by clicking on the app on which you want to share the photo.
  2. Save - Clicking on the apple option will save the image as you have edited it in the folder of snapside. Later you can edit it by selecting it from the folder of Snapseed from back.
  3. Export - By clicking on export, whatever you have edited the photo will be done by going to the images file of your file manager, which you can pick up and send that photo anywhere.
  4. Export as - You can rename the edited photo by clicking on the Export as. After that you can save that photo in whatever folder you want to save it.

Can you use Snapseed in a computer or laptop

As I mentioned earlier, when Google bought the mobile version of Snapseed, at the same time Nik Software Company sold its PC version to Microsoft and Mac OS. 

And so currently Snapseed is now available only in the mobile version, which you can download from the app store on Android and iOS.

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