New update about Optical fiber | You must need to know

 We have often talked about cyber security and about better connectivity.

Some important things you need to know all about Optical Fibre in India
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Today when we heard from Prime Minister Narendra Modi about cybersecurity, we got to know a lot of new updates in it, where if we talk to friends : In connectivity, now friends in India are able to use internet in big and small cities or even in towns, but if I talk to friends from small villages or family areas, then there is no internet or very much It is slow. But if I talk about the current situation where it is happening, it is from the anal classes. Friends, we want that it is possible to connect with the digital world in a better way and therefore we need a strong cyber network meeting. 

Important things What our Narendra Modi ji says about Optical Fiber

5 dozen in our country before 2014 Panchayats were in. Extraction Fi network has reached to 1.5 lakh gram panchayats in 5 years. We had started the goal of reaching all the panches of India where there is one lakh panchayats left. There is also fast work going on but changing circumstances The participation of the village in Digital India has become mandatory. The people of the village have also become increasingly in need of offline facilities. Keeping this in mind, what was previously planned to us will now reach the panchayat first, but today I will ask you I want to choose. I have decided that more than six lakh people who are our villages should be provided with extraction Fi network in all the villages. If the need has changed then we have also changed the priority. More than 600000 villages in thousands, millions of kilometers of extraction Fi The work will start. And we have decided that in 1000 days, within 1000 days And you have completed the extraction Fiber network work in more than six lakh villages. You have seen that the Submarine Aperto started in Nicobar 5 days ago last week. Now we are going to take forward the work to connect Lakshadweep in the same way, we have targeted to connect with the facility of internet in the next 1000 days which means more than 600000 which is a village if every village in India has an extraction festival. Network reaches you, you are going to be affected on a very big label and it has been promised that the work will be completed within 1000 days. It is a very rare thing as Andaman Nicobarfo is connected to cyber network. Now it is Laxdeep We will get to see it on the island too. Very rarely. So friends cyber security is a very big problem. Recently, a lot of apps were banned in India. In. It is light in very dangerous things cannot be taken. 

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Modi ji also told important things about cybersecurity

Our dependence on cyberspace is increasing in the changed technology. But there are also dangers associated with cyberide. The world is well aware of this and therefore very unstable in India is very cautious and taking decisions to face these decisions, not only that new systems are also being developed constantly. In a very short time, the new cyber security strategy accounts will be added to all the units in the time coming in front of the country and for cyber security, we will all run together. 

Very soon a new government is taking the step that it is. It means that very soon, the facility of cyber security is going to come among us, there will be more strict rules from the government whatever we talk about. Whether it is from the smartphone brands or if we talk about the way we use apps in a much better and safer way, with complete security, we should not be compromised in terms of security at all. And we All the things that we use, it will be better for us, it is a very good news for all of us.

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