Become an Expert on OneDrive After Reading This Post

 Friends, today we will talk about OneDrive. What is OneDrive and what is its work, we will try to know about each of their points. 

Friends, 10 to 15 years ago, when people had to store their documents file photos videos audio any kind of file, then they used to store it in their computer's hard dicks. Then came CD and DVD. 

As time progressed, the world of technology continued to evolve and then came the pen drive, which was smaller in size than hard dicks and CD cassettes and was also easy to carry. Even after the arrival of all these things, in the matter of storing data, the big companies put their mind in every way, every effort was made to store the data in such a place that we could use it for a long time as well. 

If we need that data, we can get it from any corner of the world. We all know what the Internet means to us in these days and keeping these things in mind, companies have created their own cloud space server like some famous cloud server company OneDrive & Google Drive All these cloud Companies provide 10 to 15 GB of cloud space to the general public for free, where you can easily keep all your documents by uploading files on it and keep it safe and you can log in to your system from any corner of the world. 

Also the original size will be achieved, so the hard dicks and pen drive work has been finished to some extent because friends it was not so easy to protect hard dicks for a long time, usually keeping technical things It becomes very difficult because the fear of breaking or losing is always there, and if you talk about a pen drive or it is in such a small size, then it has to be kept carefully because if it is lost then We may have to bear a huge loss and that's why we all It is better that we upload the files, images, files, photos of your essentials to a good cloud space company, whose security system is much better, using their cloud space so that you never lose your quick paper. 

Currently companies like OneDrive and Google Drive are the best in terms of cloud space, here you can upload all your fast paper and data safely.

Become an Expert on Onedrive after reading this post

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft has publicly launched Cloud Space OneDrive. OneDrive was previously named Sky Drive and was officially released on August 1, 2007. 

Currently up to 5GB of free cloud space has been given to the common people through OneDrive in which you can store your important data for free. It has other premium plans, its premium plans, after which you will get some special features, as well as more than one people will be able to operate the same cloud space at the same time, if you have to store your data more than 5 GB you will get their premium. Can take plans. 

I will explain more about OneDrive's Premium plans in this post. So that you can understand well and get the best plan for yourself.

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Can onedrive be used for free

Absolutely yes, you can use this cloud space service for free, on every valid Mail account you get free space to store up to 5gb of data. But with some limitations such as you can upload your data in this cloud space only upto 5GB, the security system is much better in this cloud space but if you want extra security for your file then you need to plan their result plan You will have to buy as well as in premium plans such as Instantly OneDrive has the facility to assist the customer, you will not get it in the free plan.

How to create an account on OneDrive

To create an account on the one side, you can either install the app of OneDrive on your smartphone or you can register your account by visiting the official site of OneDrive. Tell you To use OneDrive, you must have a valid mail account. If you have a valid email from any of them, then you can sign up on OneDrive. Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail

  • Open sing-up link for OneDrive
  • If you do not have a Gmail account, you can also sign up with your mobile number, so now you have a mobile number or valid mail ID, then you can process the sign up by typing that.
  • Then you will be asked to create a password, then you enter a strong password according to yourself.
  • After that you will be asked your first name and last name.
  • Then you will be asked to select the country and date of birth, then according to your choice.
  • After all this, the mobile number given by you, it will be a verification code on Valid Mail, by putting that verification code in place of the verification code asked, verify your account successfully.
  • Congratulation 🎊🎉  You have successfully signed up.

How to upload files to OneDrive

Uploading files to OneDrive is very easy, in this you can upload your file by creating a separate folder. Another special thing in Onerai is that there are all those related to Microsoft Office 365 whether it is Excel, PowerPoint or MS Word. If you have a project paper on all, then you can also upload it to your OneDrive cloud space easily. By using OneDrive's mobile app, you will get some special features like if you have clicked a picture from your smartphone, then the metric that will be uploaded to your OneDrive Cloud in the meantime, if you give permission to OneDrive for photo auto upload. Whichever you see, I can scan it from the phone and convert it to PDF and you can upload it to your OneDrive.

What are the best plans of OneDrive currently?

5 GB
Free space
No one extra benefits will be included in this plan ❌
100 GB
Monthly fee ₹140
Annual fee ₹1480
All the extra benefits will be included in this plan✅
This plan is most popular for Personal use.I will also judge you that if you want to buy Priyam plant for your personal too, then you can buy this plan.
1 TB
Monthly fee ₹420
Annual fee ₹4199
All the extra benefits will be included in this plan✅
6 TB
Monthly fee ₹530
Annual fee ₹5299
All the extra benefits will be included in this plan✅

How OneDrive can help in our daily lives

Friends, the world is progressing very rapidly in the digital world, so we know what importance it has in our daily routine. 

Suppose if we are going to travel somewhere and often when people are in gender, they click on the Hundred Plus photo and make a video, there are many such stores to store all these special photos in mobile or pen drive. If it is not true, then you were a daily basis, whatever you click 10 to 15 photos, which is very special for you, you can upload those photos by creating a separate folder on your OneDrive Clots Money account in Delhi. 

If you are a student, then you will have many school projects, on the Daily Weekly Monthly Basis, you can upload the data of all those projects on your OneDrive so that you get all the data files at the right time. There are many examples to tell like this, I would like to say only one thing to you that OneDrive is important for all of us in our daily life.

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