Google Drive: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You'll Ever Need to Know

Friends Drive is a feature provided by Google, under which you can store your data for free up to 15 GB on every valid Gmail account. 

You can save all your photos, videos, files, music on the drive for a long time by uploading. Usually we keep our important data in a pen drive computer mobile or hard dicks, but we all know friends it is a technical thing that can also crash at times.


Suppose there are many pictures or files in your mobile that mean a lot to you and suddenly your mobile is lost, then all your work files or heart-related photos that you do not even want to delete are You lose everything in an instant. For this, I would like to adjust one thing to all of you, that you must keep your data uploaded on a good cloud platform. With this, you will be sure of one thing that even if your system is a class, even after that you will be able to access your file from any corner of the world easily, even you will be able to download your photo in the original quality. 

Today I will talk specifically about Google Drive, the most used cloud service in the world. We will know about each of their features. Here you will get a lot of features which will help 110% in your work.

Google Drive: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You'll Ever Need to Know
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How to convert share link of uploaded file or photo on Drive to download link

Suppose if you have uploaded photos, videos or files on your drive. And some want to share their photos with their friends, then you will understand the only way that by copying the share link, you will forward it to your friends and when your friend opens that link, then they should open that file For this, you have to request by clicking on the Permission link and after that he will be able to see that file. 

But right now what I am going to tell you is that with the help of this method you can convert the link of any file into a download link and then through the changed link you can send that file to anyone and Then the file will be easily downloaded from that link. That too in its actual size and quality which you have uploaded on your drive.

So let's see how we can easily download our file by changing a share link to a download link. Read carefully so that when you make changes in your link then there are no mistakes. Try to understand one by one

  • First step: First of all, turn on the link sharing of any file you want to convert to a download link.
  • After link sharing is turned on, it will turn green, then you copy the link by clicking on the copy link.
  • After the link is copied, you will see a link of this way.
  • ""
  • The green background as far as the link is called the file ID. When you copy your link, you will paste the link in your notepad and cut the file ID from it and separate it.
  • Now click on this download link given by me and copy the link
" here File ID"
  • After pasting a file id look like this 👉 " "
  • In this download link given by me, when you add your file ID and then browse that link in any browser, your file will be downloaded. So lastly you learned to convert a share link into a download link.

Does any other Google app also use your free storage space

Absolutely yes, the free cloud space given by Google on every valid Gmail is 15 GB, in addition to Google drive, three apps use that space.

All the data of Gmail is saved in the same free 15GB cloud space 

When you communicate with another person on Gmail or transfer the file data file and you will find the same file on Gmail after a year, you will get it, but have you thought what is the reason that so many days Even after we get our file secure on Gmail, it is also because on every Gmail ID given by Google, which is given 15 GB of storage, Google uses the same space for free and your Gmail in the same data server If the entire file is saved, then you must have understood that the Gmail app also uses your free data storage.

Google Photos also uses the same space

Whatever you save your photo in Google Photo is also saved by going to the same 15gb free cloud space, the difference is that instead of opening it on the drive, you can open it in Google Photo app and see the photo.

Note: Whatever Google app you use with same Gmail ID and save the data in it, all the data is saved by Google for free in 15 GB of cloud space.

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What is the latest Google Drive premium plan

Currently Google's own cloud space has been named Google 1 . And if you want to upgrade your Gmail's cloud space, then you can upgrade your space by going to the official site of Google One. The fees of the cloud have been fixed according to the monthly and annual basis of Google One. You can download the Google One app from the Play Store

Let's know about Google One plans in turn.

Upgrading your cloud to 100GB

  • Here you will get space to support your data up to 100gb.
  •  You will also get access to instant communication with Google's cloud expert.
  • You can add any of your family members to your cloud, then you can also save your file in your cloud.
  •  You will also get the facility to add more people on the same cloud space ID.
  • In a month you will have to pay ₹ 130 to Google One.
  • You will have to pay ₹ 1300 for the annual charge .

Upgrading your cloud to 200GB

  • Even after taking a plan of 200GB, you will get the same facility which is available on the 100GB pack.
  • Upgrading your cloud space to 200 GB will cost you a monthly charge of ₹ 210.
  • The same year you will have to pay ₹ 2100.

Upgrading your cloud space to 2TB

  • In this too, the entire facility of the pack is present, which has been given all the facility in the last two observances.
  • ₹ 650 will have to be paid on the plan.
  • The annual charge of this plan is ₹ 6500.

Which one would be better if you compare price Google Drive with One Drive

         Google Drive                     OneDrive           
Free spaceFree space
15 GB5 GB

100 GB100 GB
Monthly fee ₹130Monthly fee ₹140
 Annual fee ₹1300Annual fee ₹1480

200 GB1 TB
Monthly fee ₹210Monthly fee ₹420
Annual fee ₹2100Annual fee ₹4199

2 TB6 TB
Monthly fee ₹650Monthly fee ₹530
Annual fee ₹6500Annual fee ₹5299

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