If you run an Android Smartphone, you must know about "Find My Device" Apk

If you use an Android smartphone and your smartphone is lost somewhere, it is almost difficult to find it, but for this Google has taken a better solution and developed an app that lets you track your device's live live location. can do

Google has named its live location tracker app "Find My Device". But let me tell you, it is only available for Android version.

If you are traveling somewhere and your smartphone is lost or lost somewhere, you can know the current location of your smartphone by logging your ID with the help of "Find My Device". But for that you have to install "Find My Device" in your smartphone and keep it start. Also, your smartphone should also have an internet connection. By then you will be able to track the location of your device. Find My Device is a very useful app with which you can not only trace the location of your device, but you can also delete the data of your device as well as ring a high volume call on your lost mobile. Huh, Isn't it wonderful?

Google: Find My Device
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What is Google's Find My Device

Find My Device is one such live location tracking app. With the help of this app, you can track live on Google map, if you lose Android mobile phone, tablet and smart watch.

Google initially released it on December 2013 but released on November 7, 2018. It also upgraded the earlier features further. The app tells the exact location of your lost device. It also tells you how much percentage of your device's battery is left. With the help of this app you can secure your device.

If you do Android smartphone use and you have not yet installed the "Find My Device" app then do it now.

How to set up "Find My Device" app from your mobile

Connecting your mobile, tablet and smart watch is very easy with Find My Device app. Just follow the steps given below

  • Install Find My Device from Play Store to your device.
  • Once installed, open the app.
  • Keep in mind that you use the same Gmail ID in the Find My Device app. Which is a permanent login to your device, along with that you always remember the password of the Gmail ID or keep it in the backup.
  • Now you will have your Gmail account show in front of you and "Login with Guest Account" show on the other side.
  • But here you sign up with your Gmail ID.
  • The guest account will work when your device is lost. Then you can track your device by logging in your Gmail ID to the guest account.
  • As soon as you are logged in, you will see some interface in this way in which the option of battery backup, ringing, device secure & erase data of your device will be seen. Also your device's live location will show on Google Map

Keep in mind that the "Find my device" app should go to the settings and give all the permissions of the app so that it runs in the background and as soon as your internet is on. Could tell you the location of the device accurate.

One important thing and try and keep this app hydrated. Now you will think why did I say this, then I tell you. Suppose your device is lost. So it is not necessarily where you have left the device, it must be lying there. Maybe an unknown person steals it, so in that case he may not know that you are tracking your device. If he finds out, then he might not turn on your phone. So it makes sense to keep the "Find My Device" app hidden.
By doing this you will have a golden opportunity, if you get the device again, make sure to keep this thing in mind.

Google: Find My Device
Image Credit: Find My Device

How to track phone from Find my device

Through Find My Device's website

You can track your device from Google's official website. To track, type in Google's search bar >> >> Now you will have login interface in front of you, so you can use the same Gmail ID Login which Gmail ID is logged in the "Find My Device" app of your lost phone >> As soon as you login, you will see all the information of your device, in which you will be able to know your device live location with the help of Google Map. You can secure your device, ring hi and delete your data as well.

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Through Find My Device's App

Download Find My Device app from Play Store >> In the lost device file, login with your email ID which is your login in the app >> After login, all the information of the device will appear in front of you.

Google: Find My Device App Information

App nameGoogle-Find My Device

TypeLive Location Tracking App

Official site

Help PageGoogle's support page

How much Downloaded100M+ Downloads

App's OwnerGoogle LLC

Date of ReleaseDecember 11, 2013

User's  ReactionAwesome Experience

Download App to PlayStoreFind My Device

Search your lost phone through websiteFind My Device


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