An Introduction to MXTakaTak apk in Indian Version instead of TikTok

MX Takatak: Where You Can Create Funny, Comedy, Emotional, Lipsing and Dialogue Dubbing Videos from 30 Seconds to One Minute.

On 29 June 2020, India's Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology banned TikTok, including 59 Chinese apps. So the number of TikTok registered users in India had reached almost 200 million. In such a situation, the closure of such a big app in India would have caused a huge loss to the owner of Tiktok Company, Bike Dance. And more importantly, Indian users now needed an Indian short video making app platform. Where you can get all the features which were available in a tiktok app. Given the situation of the times, many Indian companies who have been working in the IT field for a long time. 

He got an opportunity to develop an app like TikTok. And then, within a month of seeing TikTok being banned, many of the TikTok's alternative apps were released in the Indian version. Out of which, I tell you the name of the app: - Mitron, Roposo, Chingari, Vigo Video, Cheez, Dubsmash, Tangi App, Funimate, Triller, Firework & Smule. 

Some of these apps are not such that TikTok has been released after the closure, some apps were already there but their public city was not so much, but after the TikTok has been pens, all the names of these apps emerged in front of Indian users. Did it. But today we will talk about MX Taktak, whose owner is MX Media and Entertainment (FormerlyJ2 Interactive).

The brand ambassador of MX Takatak became Badshah, an Indian rap singer. The MX Taktak app is designed to be exactly like TikTok so that users do not feel anything new and there is no problem of any kind in using the app. And all the features that were available in Tiktok have been included.

When you download and use MXTakaTak, you will find that this app has been made many times better than Tiktok. Better features are included in MXTakaTak.

An Introduction to MXTakaTak in Indian Version instead of TikTok.
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What is MXTakaTak

MX Takatak is a short time shoot social video platform created by Indian IT company MX Media & Entertainment. Where Takatak Creator in its creative style like status videos, funny videos, lip sync videos, bollywood scene videos, jokes videos, dance videos etc.

Like you can impress people by making videos. Many such creators earn a good edge as an influencer when they achieve a good publicity. So this means that you can also earn well with entertainment. 

Apart from the creators, the common user can also enjoy MXTakaTak. You can enjoy fun and interesting videos every day as well as download more than 10,000 status videos from MXTakaTak for absolutely free. 

MxTakaTak app supports more than 10 Indian languages: - Hindi, English, Punjabi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali. MX Taktak is going to add more languages ​​in the future.

MX Taktak is an Indian app but its service is world wide. Saying that people from other countries besides India can also use the MX Taktak app and can also become famous creators with the help of their unique creativity. And can identify themselves at international level.

Watch different types of viral trending videos every day on MX TakaTak πŸ”₯

πŸ‘„ lip-sync
🎻 Singing
πŸ‘©‍πŸ’» Tech
😜 Joking
πŸ₯΄ Trick
🀫 challenge
πŸ” Cooking
πŸ€“ Comedy
🀯 Bollywood
πŸ•Ά Fashion-style

Is MXTakTak Indian App

According to Wikipedia and SensortowerMX Media and Entertainment Company is originally from India. The Honor Times of this company is internet. The CEO of MX Media & Entertainment is Kiran Bedi. India's first woman IPS, as well as a replacement woman Kiran Bedi is associated with this company. So you can trust this app. Mx Media & Entertainment has its head office located in Mumbai.

How to create an account on MXTakaTak

  • Download MX Taktak from your smartphone's app store.
  • After downloading, you will see some interface of this way.

An Introduction to MXTakaTak in Indian Version instead of TikTok

  • You can sign up your account from your Facebook, Gmail or mobile number.
  • After signup, such an interface will open in front of you.
An Introduction to MXTakaTak in Indian Version instead of TikTok

  • Create a TakaTak ID that users can easily remember once viewed.
  • Congratulation πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽŠ You have successfully created your account on MX Takatak.
  • One thing you people must keep in mind, especially the Creator. Whenever you change your name on your MX Takatak, be careful because according to the rules of MX TakaTak, you cannot change your name once within 180 days after changing your ID name. If your name If you want to change it again after changing it, then you will have to wait for 180 days only after that you will be able to change your name.

How to make your video viral on MXTakaTak

If you want to bring organic traffic to your video and you do not know how to post SEO friendly videos, then I tell you that you should just follow step by step: -
  • Whichever topic you are making a video on, use high quality word related to that subject in the title and description of the video.
  • Change the high quality keyword to hashtag and also add to the video description.
  • And to make your video available to as many people as possible, share the link of your video on different social media networks. If you keep these things in mind while posting each video, then your video will become viral very soon.

How to apply for MXTakaTak Creator

If you have posted more than 100 unique and creative content videos. You can apply for MX Taktak Creator. 

This will directly affect your video. Being a verified creator, MX Taktak will spread your video to as many people as possible. You will gain more and more viewers on your content and soon you will be able to increase your followers as well. But becoming an MX Taktak Creator is not so easy. As I said earlier if you have unique content then only apply for MX Taktak Creator.

To apply you need to write a mail on the official mail of MX Takatak (mail address is the below address).
In the mail, you have to write clearly about yourself and your work so that the MX Taktak team does not face any problem in reading your mail.

Official Mail:

How to download MXTakaTak video

If you want to download videos of AMEX taktak to your phone, let me tell you two ways

The first way is to touch any video you want to download for 5 seconds >> after that you will see the option of "Save video" >> After downloading the video by clicking on it, that video will be saved in your file manager.

Second way to Download: Play any video that you liked and click on the line from the top corner of the left side >> then click on the download button and download the video. As soon as the video is downloaded >> it will be saved in your file manager.

Now you can share your video with the file manager at the place where you want to share it.

MXTakaTak App Information

App nameMXTakaTak

TypeShort Video Making App

VersionVersion 1.4.1

Date of ReleaseJuly 07, 2020

How much Downloaded50M+ Downloaded

App's OwnerMX Media & Entertainment

User's  ReactionGreat Experience

Download to Google PlayLink 1

Download to App StoreLink 2


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