An Introduction to Google Pay App

In today's time when we have to transfer money or ask for money. Have to pay electricity bill. Have to recharge Mobile and DTH or else if you want to pay for water bills, then there is only one thought in our minds, "Google pay". 

If you don't know what is Google pay and how to use it so so here you can read all about this payment app
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Ever since the launch of the Google Pay app, it is as if we have made life easy for everyone. Earlier, we had to face a difficult problem to send money to other places. Had to stand in a long queued line or talk about bill payment, then we had to go to different departments and pay their bills whether it is water or electricity or gas. Somewhere our time was wasted a lot. 

But now the entire control of all this has come in the hands of us, now it will take only 1 minute to pay all these bills. So we can say that somewhere on Google, the payment app plays an important role in making life easier for us. And the biggest thing is that when we use this app, then Google does not charge us in exchange for this, all these services are free of cost, what can be better than this. Rather, we give some amount of money on every transaction to Google Pay. 

Now you tell me, when you go to send money to the bank, does the bank give you a single rupee in exchange for the money sent to you, does any department give you a dispute on bill payment but on Google if you If you do any type of transaction, then you get some amount as a dispute, it is not necessarily available all the time, but if you do 10 transactions, you will definitely get some amount in one or the other. And if you talk about trust on this app, then let me tell you that Google company living on the list of the top IT company in the world is the owner of the app "Google Pay". 

Google Pay app keeps bringing a new offer on any event that you can win along with transactions and extra rewards. So isn't it fun to sit at home and pay for electricity, water, insurance and gas bills, mobile recharge, DTH recharge and more. And use your remaining time properly.

What is Google Pay

There is a payment app on Google, through which you can transfer your rupees from one bank to another, that too, free of cost. Mobile recharge can be done. Can recharge DTH. You can pay all insurance bills or any type of bill, be it water, electricity, gas. We do not have to pay any charge for using any of their services.

The old name of Google Pay app was "Tez" app. Which was launched on 18 September 2017 in India by integrating with UPI. And within 1 year, google changed the name of the app from "Tez" to "Google Pay" on 28 August 2018. To run this app, Android Lollipop version 5.0 is required and below it does not support the app or if the waiting version of your phone is Lollipop version or above, then you can easily use this app.

How to create accounts on Google Pay

It is very easy to create an account on the app on Google. How your interface on Google is so simple that anyone can easily integrate their bank account with you on Google. But I will tell you all the states here one by one, how you can sign up on Google Pay app. Follow each of the steps below carefully:

  • Whatever platform, smartphone you use on iOS, Android or Window. Go to that App Store and install the "Google Pay" app on your smartphone.
  • Then you will be asked for a mobile number. Type the mobile number which is attached to your bank account.
  • And then by default, your gmail account will be connected with login and then you will have to sleep next button, click on that next button and complete your sign up process.
  • Congratulations 🎉🎊, you just signed up successfully.

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How to Connect Bank Account to Google Pay App

It is also a very easy process if you open the rules, inside it you can connect your bank account with the app on Google without any problem. Here I will expand you in a good way so that you do not have any problem in connecting the bank account, you read each step carefully and then follow it while connecting later.

  • As soon as you signed up your profile, the home interface of Google Pay will open in front of you.
  • After that, from the right side, your profile will appear in the top, and when you click on your profile, you will see the option of "Add bank a account".
  • Click on Add Bank Account Pick and select the bank in which your account is in the bank.
  • After selecting, if you are using dual SIM in your smartphone, then select the number which is linked to the bank account.
  • Google will auto verify an SMS through.
  • After that you will have to create UPI PIN of your account.
  • To create UPI PIN, as soon as you click on Creator UPI PIN, your registered mobile number will get 4 or 6 digit OTP.
  • After inserting the OTP, you will be asked to set a 4 or 6 digit UPI PIN according to you, you enter a 6 digit UPI PIN according to yourself and you will be asked once again to enter your UPI PIN. You want to set it, re-enter it and then click "Proceed to Next".
  • See, your UPI PIN is also set. Now you can do all kinds of transactions from your Google Pay account.

Is our data safe using Google Pay?

Friends is Google Protected and High Authority IT Company. It is always strict about the security and data of users, as well as if we talk about the security features of Google Pay, then with high technology security, Google keeps the data secure. 

Even Google's data center remains secure with a lot of layers. If a person wants to enter Google's data center, then he will face the security of powerful technology in every security layer. Because there is a biometric lock in every layer, many other security systems work with it. 

So from this you can guess how hard it is to keep the data of Google users secure and by looking at the security system of Google, it can be said that every one of your data is safe and safe. So you can do your banking work by being sure and if you want to know more about the security system of Google Pay, then read the official article of Google.

How to earn more Reward from Google Pay

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Google pays each of its users as a reward on one or the other transaction, which is directly transferred to the bank account of the users. But if you want to earn more rewards through Google Pay, then that is also an option. 

You can invite your friend friend relative from your Google Pay account because on every invoice, Google Pay invites a good fix amount to the sending person as a reward, which gets deposited in the sending account. In a matter of seconds, Google Pay Invitation continues to increase by decreasing the reward money. 

If you talk about an average, you can earn up to ₹ 100 on the invoice of a fellow. Almost the amount of controversy which ranges from ₹ 80 to 150 rupees but on some events, Google invites ₹ 200 to ₹ 250 on inviting users. 

Friends, according to the government's rule here is a condition of Google that you can earn up to a maximum of ₹ 9000 in 1 year from a Google Pay account.

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How to send money from Google Pay to a bank account

To send money to the bank, open the app on your Google Pay.

After that, below you will see the button of blue color "+ New Payment", click on that button.

In the second section, you will see the option of transfer money , it will be written in it, click on the Bank transfer.

As soon as you click on the bank transfer icon, a small form will open in front of you, asking the Account number, IFSC code, and name of the recipient.

After filling all these, click on "Yes" tick mark twice.

Then you will be asked how much amount you want to send, type in whatever number you want to send.

After filling the amount, you will see a blue button on the bottom, which will be written by clicking on it.

And then in the end you will be asked for your UPI PIN, which you created a UPI PIN of 4 or 6 digits, type it and click on the Done button.

And in just a few seconds your rupee will be transferred to the bank account and you will get a confirmation slip.  Transaction number, time or amount which is also related to the important information, you will get on slip.

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