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You Need To Know About It Before Using WhatsApp Group

Does anyone harass you by sending rumors or obscene videos/messages on your WhatsApp personal account or WhatsApp Group? WhatsApp latest updates Friends, a new update has come from Whatsapp, because of these new Whatsapp updates, a big problem for all of us has been solved, now it must be going on in your mind that what such solution has come with Whatsapp. Friends, often when we use Whatsapp, then by connecting your number to a group by an unknown person, he keeps harassing you by sending obscene or indecent photos, videos, or messages on it. So to deal with all this, WhatsApp has come up with a solution. You all must know that Whatsapp is used in most social networks in India and friends Whatsapp remains in a lot of discussion about this kind of problem, due to all these problems the Whatsapp company has to face a lot of criticism. Keeping all these things in mind, Whatsapp company has come up with its final solution. Actually, the WhatsApp company has got together with the Departme

WhatsApp Is Going To Make Some Important Changes

WhatsApp is going to include these browsing and image search options in its beta version.  Instant messaging app WhatsApp is now going to add these browsing and image search option in its beta version, currently, this update is under investigation. Image credit: WhatsApp Why is WhatsApp making changes to its beta version? WhatsApp, the largest online messaging app, is including options like in-browsing and image search in its beta version so that when users click on a link, they can get in-browser results because in the current version of WhatsApp when someone clicks on the link. So if there is no browsing in Whatsapp, it gets redirected to the default browser of the system. Now, friends, it must be going on in your mind that whether Whatsapp is not collecting information about our browsing history? So, friends, I would like to tell all of you that when the user clicks on the link received in the message, it gets redirected to the default browser of the system, according to the current