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Important changes in WhatsApp, will delete message itself

Everyday WhatsApp is trying to improve its features so that users can use this instant messaging app easily and hence are going to release many new features in the new year itself (group cleaning tool, dark mod, status add) whatsapp Dark Mod had been working on the theme for a long time and eventually this year, Android users will be able to use this feature, in this important change, if users enjoy using some features, then some features can also disturb the users. How will group cleaning tool work in WhatsApp WhatsApp has already given the option of Delete for everyone for personal chat but there was no such function for the group, the group administrator will get a strong power if these features are added. With the help of this new features in the WhatsApp group, the group administrator can easily delete any message in the WhatsApp group. Now how long the group admin can decide which message to keep. The time limit for delete messages is one hour, one day, one week, one month and on